Astrantia Star series

We are building and expanding our range of Astrantia ‘Star’ series. Apart from introducing new varieties, we are also expanding our production sites. Our farm in Ethiopia has now joined to become a regular supplier of Astrantia, with a focus on Astrantia Star of Billion (white)

Supplier name is: BLUE NILE / MARGINPAR

Supply Carzan Flowers

Since November 2017 we have been responsible for the handling of all flowers from Carzan Kenya. The past few months we have put a lot of effort in streamlining the processes between ourselves and the Carzan production sites. Up till now we have made minimal changes in the presentation of the products, but this is going to change. In the months to come, we will be introducing more products in the Marginpar sleeves. The “M” brand on the sleeve stand for reliability and innovation and we are making continous improvements to increase the quality of our brand. Our cooperation with Carzan and Kariki Kenia results in a strong position for products like Solidago and Gypsophila.


Carzan Flowers (K) Ltd becomes supplier of Marginpar BV

Since September 1st the Kariki Group Kenya has taken control of Carzan Flowers (K) Ltd.
With the acquisition of Carzan Flowers, The Kariki Group is aiming to be the leading producer of summer flowers in East Africa.

Since the establishment of The Kariki Group, Marginpar BV has been its business partner in The Netherlands, responsible for the handling and marketing of Kariki’s summer flowers.
As of 1 November, Marginpar will also take on the responsibility of handling Carzan Flowers (K) Ltd.
The flowers grown by Carzan will be incorporated in the Marginpar portfolio of exclusive products and will be supplied according to Marginpar’s high standards.

Marginpar will participate on the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, stand number 12.


During the last 30 years, Marginpar has developed into a key player in innovation, production and marketing of summer flowers. We are continuing this trend with enthusiasm; no lack of ambition!
Due to recent expansions with our partners in Africa, we will be expecting significant growth in our supply for the years to come. In order to cater for the increase in supply, we have expanded our facilities in Aalsmeer. Our total floor area has grown to a total of 8800 m2. With extra cold storage, implementation of 3 new unpacking lines and expansion of our Marginpar team, we are ready for the future.
You are welcome to visit us and be introduced to our team and beautiful range of products.


Our Kenyan partner KARIKI conducted MPS initial audit on 9th May 2017. They’re now waiting for the audit report. We have full confidence in a positive outcome.

The MPS-ABC certificate is more than just a certificate. It is a unique world standard and works as a benchmark in demonstrating to what extent your operations are environmentally friendly. You can use it to assure your environmental performance and significantly lower your company’s environmental burden. You can obtain a certificate at three different levels, being MPS-A, MPS-B and MPS-C. Is your company MPS-A certified? This means your company is the most environmentally friendly.


Supply of Asclepias about to start

We are about to start supplying our special and beautiful Asclepias varieties from our farm in Portugal. These varieties are known for their wonderful range of colours and large flower heads. Supply will come through FloraHolland with supplier ‘rexflora / marginpar”.

Production will continue until end of October 2017.


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