Our Kenyan partner KARIKI conducted MPS initial audit on 9th May 2017. They’re now waiting for the audit report. We have full confidence in a positive outcome.

The MPS-ABC certificate is more than just a certificate. It is a unique world standard and works as a benchmark in demonstrating to what extent your operations are environmentally friendly. You can use it to assure your environmental performance and significantly lower your company’s environmental burden. You can obtain a certificate at three different levels, being MPS-A, MPS-B and MPS-C. Is your company MPS-A certified? This means your company is the most environmentally friendly.


Supply of Asclepias about to start

We are about to start supplying our special and beautiful Asclepias varieties from our farm in Portugal. These varieties are known for their wonderful range of colours and large flower heads. Supply will come through FloraHolland with supplier ‘rexflora / marginpar”.

Production will continue until end of October 2017.


Dramatic drop in supply

Due to extreme weather conditions in Eastern Africa, our production sites are being faced with challenges resulting in a drop of production and supply of flowers. In particular varieties like Astrantia and Eryngium are affected by the current conditions. We expect this low supply to continue until the end of March. In the mean time, we are doing our best to maintain quality standards.

We understand that this situation results in disappointments among customers, especially now during the Valentines period.

The new Ranunculus Butterfly, A fountain of flowers!

From week 6 RexFlora / Marginpar Portugal will start with a regular supply of various types of Ranunculus from the Butterfly series of partner in the breeding, ‘Green Works’.
The Ranunculus Butterfly is a completely new addition to the Ranunculus family. In terms of presentation, this new species Ranunculus Butterfly does not compare to the double flowered Ranunculus. This Ranunculus Butterfly is known for its good vase life and rich number of flowers per stem.
Per stem the Ranunculus Butterfly delivers as much as 15 to 25 flowers making a vase of Ranunculus Butterfly look like a beautiful fountain of flowers. Also great to use as a mono flower bouquet.
Also, the flowers have a wax coating which makes them last longer, so consumers can enjoy this totally new Ranunculus cut flower!
 ranunculus_butterfly_ariadne_03686_setting.297x387 ranunculus_thesens_03690.297x387 ranunculus_butterfly_minoan_03688_setting.297x387 IMG_3538[4].JPG


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