The majority of our flowers is sold at the main FloraHolland Auction centres and Plantion Auction in Ede. Availability of our flowers through major flower wholesalers is year-round.

In order to provide a consistent quality of our products, we need to be in control of our own logistics.  We import, unpack and handle all our flowers at our handling facility in Aalsmeer.

After extensive quality control, the flowers are prepared for distribution to the main auction floors or direct customers (wholesale). A dedicated team of professionals ensures that we supply the market with a consistent flow of A1 grade flowers.

With the marketing and sales of flowers becoming more “virtual”, it is very important to supply customers with reliable information about our product. We believe that good product presentation and performance can only be achieved when we are in control of our own handling and logistics.

A fully computerised tracking and tracing system, allows us to provide our suppliers with reliable sales- and market information.