Scabiosa Raspberry Scoop The Scabiosa Scoop™ varieties are bright colored cushionshaped flowers, also known under the common name“Pincushion”, belonging to the Dipsacaceae family. They blend excellently in spring flower-bunches, and seem tohave just been freshly picked from the fields. Shelf-life is excellent and the flowers open gradually totheir full size.This unique looking flower has quite quickly caught the fancy of designers and arrangers as a beautiful addition to their bouquets.

cut flower
Scabiosa Raspberry Scoop

Care tips

Use a sharp knife to cut 2-5 cm of the Scabiosa stems at an angle. Use a clean, disinfected (e.g. chlorine) vase with water and cut flower food. Refresh the vase water frequently. Good vase life.


Productcut flower
Flower type
TradenameScabiosa Raspberry Scoop
Size40-50-60 cm